Specially formulated for my Mountain Mamas

sustainably, ethically, beautifully wildcrafted nettle, raspberry leaf and red clover for my Mountain Mama blended herbals

Mountain Mama herbal infusion blends and tinctures are inspired by Susan Weed’s book “Wise Woman Healing for the Childbearing Year”. From pre-conception and every stage of pregnancy, to labor, breastfeeding and post-partum wellness, these three herbs are indispensable: Nettle, Raspberry Leaf and Red Clover.

Raspberry Leaf has a rich concentration of vitamin C, calcium and iron, along with other important vitamins and minerals. It is known to tone the muscles of the pelvic region increasing fertility (especially when combined with Red Clover), preventing miscarriage and hemorrhage, easing morning sickness, reducing pain during labor and after birth, helping to bring down an undelivered placenta and assisting in production of plentiful breast milk.

Nettle is also known to increase fertility and prevent hemorrhage after birth. Nettle has a special affinity for nourishing and strengthening the kidneys, contains more clorophyll than any other herb and every vitamin and mineral known to be necessary for human health and growth. Of special importance for Mountain Mamas is iron, potassium and vitamins A, C and K. Nettle is also helpful in preventing bladder infections, easing leg cramps and pain during and after birth, and reducing varicose veins and hemorrhoids. I personally used nettle during breastfeeding whenever my supply seemed to dwindle. One cup of nettle infusion (alternating with Raspberry Leaf) would bring me back up to speed, and I knew my milk was rich in the vitamins and minerals that my baby needed.

Red Clover is Susan Weed’s top pick for herbs that promote fertility, noting it’s high protein content and readily assimilated calcium and magnesium. The vitamins and minerals in Red Clover also help to ensure a plentiful supply of richly nourishing breast milk. Red Clover nourishes and balances the endocrine system thus helping to regulate hormones throughout pregnancy. Finally, Red Clover alkalinizes the body regulating appetite, metabolism, and improving overall immunity.

handfulls of freshly picked red clover for my Mountain Mama blend

handfulls of freshly picked red clover for my Mountain Mama blend

My inner Wise Woman had a dream that these three herbs, growing wildly and abundantly on my own doorstep, were the Holy Trinity of herbs for my Mountain Mamas. The Mountain Mama herbal infusion blend and tincture contains equal parts nettle, raspberry leaf and red clover. The infusion has a sweet, honey-like flavor and the tincture is hard to stay out of! (I dare say it’s a tonic, being extracted into a good vodka, but it’s still a bit strong to drink straight from the bottle!) There are no contra-indications whatsoever and no maximum dose, so enjoy!

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