Watch this 2 minute video, learn how to make homemade cough syrup!

Favorite thing about the Holistic Homestead #67: We are more interested in EMPOWERING YOU to take charge of your health with simple, DIY, all natural remedies – than in making money from our products (we are a nonprofit, after all)!…

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DIY Homemade Herbal Cough Syrup that WORKS

Homemade herbal syrups are not as easy as they look – even for the trained herbalist! Sugar-based concoctions are more the purview of candy-makers who understand the delicate alchemy of sugar, which irreversibly changes it’s chemistry with every advance in…

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Dr. B’s on SALE through March 1st!

I am so happy to announce that we are officially back in production of Dr. B’s cough syrup! This year’s recipe is much improved after much trial and error, and time to perfect the art of making herbal syrups. I…

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