Winter Retreat Day 4: Fierce Self-Love & Compassion

Today’s offering comes from my dear spiritual mentor and friend on the path of awakening, Aditi Devi Ma. She has been contributing her teachings to our retreat since it began four years ago, and also teaches in the Denver/Boulder area….

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Winter Retreat Day 8: The Four Loves

Love has many types, and in the classical sense, four distinct definitions. In Greek we know them as storge, philia, eros and agape. Individually, we find a light and a dark side to each kind of love, we find the…

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A Love letter from the Universe

Today’s meditation is from my friend, teacher and heart-sister Aditi Devi Ma, renowned spiritual guide, author and meditation teacher. She is a regular contributor to our annual retreat, and writes to us today from the depths of her own year-long…

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