When meditation is NOT good for you

Is your mind like a Rubik's cube?

Meditation is not what you think, or don’t think. Sitting quietly and listening deeply allows for the benefits of meditation to arise naturally, without having to try so hard.

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Winter Retreat Day 1: Coming Home with self-care

Today we enjoyed four hours at 7 Healing Stars together, getting massage, dancing, meditating, doing yoga, drinking tea and sharing a healing and sacred space. It was a truly beautiful experience to share with others, and I wanted to extend…

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What does it mean to truly “Come Home”?

“True refuge is that which allows us to be at home, at peace, to discover true happiness…Ultimately, it’s our own true nature.” – Tara Brach, True Refuge Confession: I set the theme of our annual retreats by meditating on what…

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Meet Arwen Ek, your hostess for Winter Retreat 2019: Coming Home

As many of you know, I am the admin for this website, as well as the Founding Director of The Holistic Homestead. What you may not know, is that before I started the Homestead, I lived as a Buddhist Nun…

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Celebrate Mother’s Day at the Homestead!

We love our Mountain Mamas – some of the hardest working mamas around. We chop wood, drag slash, carry water, and clean out the privy. Fa real, it’s hard work and we love it. So, with all the depths of…

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What is this Spring Cleanse, anyway?

This is our fifth year of hosting our annual Spring Cleanse! So, what is it, anyway? Our Spring Cleanse is presented in two different formats – online, and in-person – at three different levels: gentle, intermediate, and deep/advanced. Here at…

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